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The City of Lorain is debating a Point of Sale Inspection for implementation in the City of Lorain. Such inspections lock out financially strapped sellers and low income buyers. These inspections have proven to be a trap and huge hurdle towards housing price recovery as shown in community after community on Cleveland's East Side. Lorain should do everything it can to assist buyers and sellers, not create more hurdles which will trap hundreds of homes in a long term unrecoverable status.

Here is a link to their proposal, download it now to review it.

We have a series of four general questions for the City Officials which need to be answered now!

The true problem in the Lorain Housing Market is a lack of working capital available to the home owners across the majority of Lorain City due to long term high unemployment. Passing Legislation requiring residents to actually have capital prior to a distressed (on any level) poses additional hardship, especially in a short sale situation where demand is already limited. I have five specific questions.

1) What avenues of credit have you been able to open for residents to be able to secure in order to do such repairs prior to a sale?

2) What incentives have you created that will entice new owners to buy such targeted properties that have been tagged by building inspectors and are now nearly "unsellable"?

3) What penalties will homeowners incur should they have their sale red-lined based upon and inspection and then they decide not to sell their home do to the inspection findings? Will the Building department still pursue the owners with the findings demanding they be cured even without a sale?

4) How will you measure the results as being in the best interests of the residents of the City of Lorain? What specific benchmarks have you established to measure the success or failure of this new ordinance? And how soon would you be willing to cancel this ordinance should it not meet the positive result benchmarks? What test has been established that will allow it to fail?

Please contact City Officials and Councilman and demand an answer to these questions today. This is  a really BAD idea for the City of Lorain.

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V/L SL 027 Diagonal Road

Lagrange, OH

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V/L SL 028 Diagonal Road

Lagrange, OH
Rural Building Lot - Build to Suit or Outright Sale
 For Sale MLS#  3222528

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 Both Lots
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 28415 Southbridge Circle
 Westlake, Ohio 44145
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